Groove Runner heads to the Xbox

Eon Digital will bring this slot-car racing game to Microsoft's console.


Grooverider Slot Car Thunder

Eon Digital Entertainment has announced that it has secured an agreement with UK-based developer King of the Jungle to bring Groove Runner to the Microsoft Xbox. The game is based on miniature slot-car racing, where tracks, which accommodate four to eight vehicles, are defined by the individual grooves that run through them. While they race these tracks, players will have to constantly change grooves in order to avoid obstacles and the other racers. The tracks are set up in a variety of configurations and include crossovers, loops, jumps, chicanes, power-ups, and switches (which trigger environmental obstacles and events).

The Xbox version--the game is also in development for the PS2 and PC platforms--will give players the ability to download and save track pieces and new environments on the console's hard drive. Players will also be able to create their own circuits and trade with other Xbox owners online. Other features in the Xbox version include environments that are twice the size of those found in the other versions and the ability to custom create soundtracks using any audio CD.

Groove Runner has a tentative 2002 release date.

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