Great PS5 SSD Discounted To Ridiculously Low Price

GameStop has the Seagate 1TB FireCuda 530 on sale for just $110. It's probably a mistake, so you should hurry.


If you're in the market for an SSD for your PS5, you'll want to head over to GameStop's site as soon as possible. The Seagate 1TB FireCude 530 NVMe SSD is discounted to just $110. This is probably a pricing error, so we wouldn't be surprised to see this deal disappear soon.

This particular Seagate SSD retails for $250, and we've never seen it for less than $200. We would be surprised to learn that GameStop intentionally marked down the FireCuda 530 to this price.

The FireCuda 530 comes with a heatsink, so all you'll need to do is install it. The process for adding an SSD to the PlayStation 5 is painless and quick.

With speeds of up to 7,300mb/s, the FireCuda 530 is an ideal NVMe SSD for the PlayStation 5. If you miss out on this deal, make sure to check out our roundup of the best SSDs for PS5.

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