Grand Theft Auto V official artwork released

Rockstar Games shows off "Pest Control" artwork for upcoming open-world action game, promises "lots of info" in November.


Rockstar Games today continued the slow-drip of Grand Theft Auto V information. The company has released the first official artwork for the game, which is titled "Pest Control."

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The scene (at right) shows off two men in gas masks wielding automatic weapons emerging from the back of a van. The shot appears to be based on the same scene that appeared in the game's debut trailer, embedded below.

The image suggests the men are preparing to enter the "Anna Rex" store in the background. "Anna Rex" is a fictional clothing store that appeared in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Additionally, Rockstar said gamers can expect "lots of info" on GTA V sometime in November. It has been previously confirmed that the GameStop-owned Game Informer magazine will feature the game in its December issue.

The most recent GTA V news came last week, when Rockstar called on fans to write in with their feedback regarding Crews. Prior to that, the company released new screenshots for the game in August. Rockstar has kept quiet on the game since.

GTA V was announced in October 2011, but the game remains largely a mystery. Some analysts expect it to be on store shelves by March 2013, while others disagree. For more on GTA V check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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