Gorkamorka Preview

Delving into the gory details, Gorkamorka will be a racing game at heart.


Gorkamorka. It's not a tile cleanser, it's not a bathroom freshener, and it's certainly not a new deodorant. Gorkamorka is actually a highly successful tabletop role-playing game from the fine folks at Games Workshop. If you were to borrow the Orks from the Warhammer series, wrap them around two-ton racing vehicles, and place them in a battle for superiority - Gorkamorka is what you would get. Noting that such a unique premise would make one killer racing game, Ripcord Games has picked up the rights and is quickly converting the idea into a twisted driving adventure for the PC and the Dreamcast.

Delving into the gory details, Gorkamorka will be a racing game at heart. However, forming the game's supporting body are rival Ork Clans, a whole slew of vehicles and weaponry, the ability to learn new skills and evolve new monsters, and an underlying purpose - which is to dominate the racing world and be king of the hill, rather than buried under it. With more than 20 vehicles and an equal number of courses, the game is shaping up to be one of this year's more innovative and alluring titles. Mix one part Vigilante 8 with one part Might and Magic, and you have a good idea of what to expect.

It's still early in development, but Gorkamorka should be out by November. PC users will get their Gorkamorka goodness replete with 3D acceleration and comprehensive multiplayer options, whereas Dreamcast owners will sleep soundly knowing that it's one of the few games coming out with built-in network support. Regardless of the version, both should be worthwhile purchases, especially considering the same team that coded the much-underrated Jeff Gordon XS Racing happens to be creating the futuristic medieval worlds of Gorkamorka.

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