Good Baby Yoda Merch Leaked Early, And Was Quickly Removed

This beats those t-shirts we saw last week.


The breakout star of Disney+'s The Mandalorian is none other than Baby Yoda. Last week, some merchandise was released for the new Star Wars character, and it did not look great. However, there is some good news, Walmart has a new Baby Yoda toy coming out, but it's almost six months from release.

Appearing briefly on Walmart's website, a Baby Yoda vinyl plush toy arrived on the site. It's an 11-inch plush toy with a vinyl head costing $25. However, just as soon as it arrived, the Baby Yoda toy disappeared. Check it out below.

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While the landing page to pre-order the toy no longer works, you can still find the toy if you search the Walmart site for "Baby Yoda." The kicker is that this toy won't be coming out until May 24, 2020. While fans were promised Baby Yoda merchandise, there won't be anything worth buying for this holiday season. Again, unless you want bootleg-looking shirts.

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