Godzilla: Save the Earth stomps on PS2

Everybody's favorite guy in a giant green lizard suit lands on the PS2 today.


Atari today announced that the PlayStation 2 version of Godzilla: Save the Earth has shipped and is available in retail outlets beginning today. The sequel to 2002's Destroy All Monsters Melee, Save the Earth takes that title's destructive brawling gameplay and adds online play. An Xbox version will ship on November 22.

Both versions of the game will feature online multiplayer modes in which up to four players can take control of classic movie monsters, including the titular green behemoth, Ghidorah, Mothra, and yes, even SpaceGodzilla. Players can fight directly against each other, or compete to destroy as much of a hapless city as possible. Offline, a variety of single- and multiplayer options await the broadband-less gamer.

Godzilla: Save the Earth is rated "T" for Teen and carries an SRP of $39.95.

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