Gods vs. Humans strikes down WiiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Zallag's divine strategy game hits virtual marketplace next to Mix Superstar; DSiWare welcomes Go Series Pinball Attack!, Adventures in Vegas: Slot Machine, and Discolight.


No Caption Provided Yesterday, Nintendo unleashed its newest controller, the Wii Remote Plus, as well as limited edition Mario Anniversary bundles. The company is following up that busy Sunday by adding five new titles to its virtual marketplace.

Arriving on WiiWare today is Gods vs. Humans (1,200 Wii points, or $12). From Zallag, the strategy game tasks players with striking down humans (but not killing them) as they attempt to enter the domain of heaven. The title lets gamers play as any of 16 deities from the mythologies of Scandinavia, Egypt, Rome, and Japan. The title sports four bosses, 60 levels for single-player, and a two-player split-screen option.

Gods vs. Humans, the fight rages on WiiWare.
Gods vs. Humans, the fight rages on WiiWare.

Also debuting today on WiiWare is Mix Superstar (500 Wii points, or $5). The single-player application from Digital Leisure lets players create musical compositions of their liking. The title contains over 1,000 dance, hip-hop, and techno loops recorded with instruments like guitar, drum, bass, and synthesizer. Players satisfied with their creations can upload them to their computers or send to their Wii friends. Also, players wishing to lay down their own vocals can do so via USB microphones or the Wii Speak peripheral.

Switching to DSiWare, Nintendo added three new titles to the hub today, the first of which is Go Series Pinball Attack! (500 DSi points, or $5). From GameBridge, the title fuses elements of playing pinball, exploring, and shooting into one package. In the game, players will control the table's flippers and use the pinball to defeat enemies as they pass by.

Also hitting DSiWare today is Adventures in Vegas: Slot Machine (200 DSi points, or $2). The title houses three distinct slot machine games: Hawaiian, Pirate Treasure, and Mexican Heat. Each machine is themed to its name and has unique features like extra buttons and custom bets.

The last title arriving on DSiWare today is Discolight (200 DSi points, or $2). The application morphs the DS into a rectangular disco ball that changes color when the rhythm varies. It also contains three genres of music: rock, love songs, and hip-hop.

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