God Of War: Ragnarok Has Resolution And Performance Modes, Including 120fps

Whether you're a fan of high resolutions or fast frame rates, God of War: Ragnarok has you covered.


Like other first-party games from Sony, God of War: Ragnarok will have several graphical modes that players can choose from on PS5. Depending on your preferences, you'll be able to prioritize performance or quality with these modes, which require a few concessions.

If Resolution is your top priority, you'll be able to run the game at one of two options, one of which renders the Nordic adventure at 4K resolution and a locked frame rate of 30fps (via Press Start). The other resolution mode has a slightly higher frame rate and requires an HDMI 2.1 connection, so expect to still play with 4K visuals and at 40fps. More of Sony's games have been experimenting with this middle ground between resolution and frame rate, with The Last of Us Part 1 and Horizon Forbidden West being notable examples. With VRR turned on, the result is surprisingly smooth while retaining a crisp picture.

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For players who prefer a high frame rate, you'll be able to see Kratos smash through enemies at 60fps in Performance mode or 120fps if you have an HDMI 2.1 connection. The caveat with these modes is that they usually run at a lower resolution, and with Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition as an example, there's usually a locked 1080p resolution so that a game can run at 120fps.

God of War: Ragnarok launches on November 9 for PS5 and PS4, concluding the Norse saga of Kratos. Developer Sony Santa Monica had debated on splitting Ragnarok into two games, with producer Cory Barlog having the final say and deciding to go for a two-game story instead.

"Based on my time with the first few hours of God of War Ragnarok, early impressions are good," Tamoor Hussain wrote in GameSpot's God of War: Ragnarok preview. "My main takeaway thus far is that it's doing all the right things and I'm confident it will be an enjoyable experience."

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