God Of War Director Calls On Telltale To Do Right By Its Employees

"Treating others with respect is not a law, but how great would the world be for our kids if it were."


Telltale Games has announced that it found multiple potential partners who could help the studio complete and release the remaining two episodes in The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The announcement has seen a mixed reaction.

Some say they are happy that The Walking Dead: The Final Season could be completed, while others are dismayed that Telltale is choosing to go ahead and finish it without so many of the developers who worked on it. According to reports, Telltale laid off more than 200 staffers without any severance pay, leading to a rally on social media and elsewhere of people calling on Telltale to do right by its employees. That side has now received a big jolt of prominence, as God of War director and industry veteran Cory Barlog has called on Telltale to make things right with its now former employees.

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"I would hope this means that you will first pay your entire team their severance, and then proceed to finish the final episodes," Barlog wrote on Twitter. "I would be fine waiting however long it took to ensure we first treated those who worked so hard with the humanity and respect they deserve."

Someone pointed out that it is unknown if Telltale employees affected by the layoffs had terms in their contracts that included guaranteed severance pay. Even if this wasn't in their contracts, Barlog said he hopes the decision-makers are respectful enough to do right by their employees during a hard time.

"I think what I am suggesting is that when you look people in the eye and ask for their best, to come together and create something great, you should take on that task as well," he said. "Treating others with respect is not a law, but how great would the world be for our kids if it were."

There is no word on who the mysterious potential partners are that Telltale could work with to complete The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Telltale was upfront about how it is making no promises about the final season, adding that even if Episodes Three and Four are released, they might only come out "in some form."

Everything about the Telltale situation appears to be a developing story, so keep checking back with GameSpot for more.

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