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Feature Article

Glow Season 3 Trailer Sees Wrestling Come To Vegas


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, except for the bruises... and all the money you lose at blackjack.

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have had trials and tribulations getting their all-women's wrestling promotion off the ground and onto television. The latest season of Netflix's Glow will follow the performers all the way to Las Vegas.

When the show debuted, Season 1 followed them learning to wrestle, leading up to their first show, and Season 2 revolved around the wrestling promotion airing on local television, then getting moved to a terrible time slot. Now, the women of Glow doing their show in Las Vegas, and hey, is that Gina Davis? Check out the trailer for the new season above.

Now headlining the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino, each individual of Glow is dealing with their own personal issues. Debbie (Betty Gilpin) continues to serve as a producer on the show, but it's clear that being in Vegas has separated her from her child. And Ruth (Allison Brie) continues to try to juggle work and a relationship with a former GLOW cameraman. There are a lot of sub-plots teased within the new season as well.

And yes, that is Gina Davis in the trailer. She'll be playing Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, the entertainment director of the Fan-Tan Hotel, and at one time, she was a showgirl in Vegas. Aside from the trailer above, not much else is known about the character or how much she'll be a part of Season 3.

Sadly, fans of the Netflix series will have to wait for more Glow until August 9 for the new season to debut. Hopefully, in this new season, we'll get some more wrestler cameos like we did in Season 1 and 2.

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Editor of GameSpot Entertainment. Continues to Bolieve. Very snarky about wrestling on the Twitter.
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