Giants: Citizen Kabuto demo premiere

We have the first playable demo for Interplay's unusual action game.


We have received the first playable demo for Interplay's unusual action game, Giants: Citizen Kabuto. The game features three distinct playable factions: Kabuto, a mountain-sized creature who uses his strength and size to crush his enemies; the meccaryns, a group of technologically advanced aliens who use jetpacks and laser guns to overpower the opposition; and the sea reapers, a race of Siren-like water dwellers who win battles by using their speed and magical abilities. The 103MB demo includes the second story in the meccaryns campaign. We'll be posting additional playable demos, including stories for the sea reapers and Kabuto, as soon as they are available.

For more information about Giants: Citizen Kabuto, read our in-depth review of the game and download the playable demo, which is linked below.

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