Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Raid Starts Today

Ghost of Tsushima players need a minimum 100 Ki level and a full team of four samurai.


Developer Sucker Punch Productions has revealed that the first raid for Ghost of Tsushima's new Legends multiplayer mode kicks off today for PlayStation 4. The raid, titled The Tale of Iyo, is a three-chapter mission that puts players directly into the heart of Iyo's realm. Players need a minimum Ki level of 100 and a full team of four Ghosts to tackle the raid. Sucker Punch recommends players finish Legends' story and survival missions on higher difficulties in order to obtain better gear. Doing so will get players raid-ready.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Raid Start Time

Sucker Punch provided more details on its official Twitter account just prior to the raid launching. It will be available beginning today, October 30, at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET.

The studio also announced new weekly challenge missions that go live every Friday starting at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET. There will be a 2-player story mission and 4-player survival challenge with specific modifiers that will reward successful players with max-level gear and spots on the weekly leaderboards. The missions themselves are set on Nightmare difficulty, though.

Legends has been pretty popular among Ghost of Tsushima fans despite only being out for about a week, launching as a free update on October 16. According to Sucker Punch, the multiplayer mode has seen over two million matches played using online matchmaking. The game will also be supported on PS5 with a performance boost. You'll see higher frame rates, which should make the combat feel even smoother.

Sucker Punch is also looking for writers interested in feudal Japan. According to a recent job listing, it looks like the team wants to expand on its new franchise.

Ghost of Tsushima's single-player campaign scored a 7/10 in GameSpot's review. "The game hits a lot of fantastic cinematic highs, and those ultimately lift it above the trappings of its familiar open-world quest design and all the innate weaknesses that come with it," wrote reviewer Edmond Tran, "but those imperfections and dull edges are definitely still there."

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