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Ghost Of Tsushima Armor Guide: Every Location With Armor To Find

Here's where to get all the outfits in Ghost of Tsushima on PS4, including the coveted Ghost Armor.


Ghost of Tsushima has a variety of useful armor sets that help make you a formidable foe against the Mongol invasion. Most of these outfits have their own special perks that enhance your abilities in various ways. For instance, some armor sets better cater to stealthy players, like the highly-coveted Ghost Armor set, while others strengthen offensive power--though the minutiae of such gets deeper with each set.

You'll acquire several of the armor sets by completing story missions, but there are a bunch more that are only attainable completing various side-missions, including Mythic Tales, which unlock at different points in the game. Here's the full rundown of where to get every set of armor and what they're good for.

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To help you find and understand all of Ghost of Tsushima's armor sets, we've compiled the guide below, which details how to get them, their perks, and what they look like when upgraded. We've got plenty more guides and coverage to help you get everything out of the game. Check out our full Ghost of Tsushima guide rundown, and if you haven't already, read our Ghost of Tsushima review.

Broken Armor

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You start the game with the Broken Armor set--though it isn't quite broken until after you've cleared the prologue section. It has no particular perks or advantages, so it's really just a cosmetic set you keep just for the heck of it. You definitely don't want to wear this any longer than you have to after the game's world opens up, so quickly discard it and wear a better set as soon as you get one. Still, it does have memories attached--the death of your old ways and the beginning of your path towards becoming a dishonorable proto-ninja. Good times.

Also, for some reason this set featured in all of the technique videos? It's a weird choice. Whatever, this battered and bloody set is only for those who insist on playing the game at a disadvantage.

Traveler's Attire

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Recommended For: Players who want to optimize exploration and collecting Artifacts.

How To Unlock: The Traveler's Attire is automatically given to you by the first Merchant you speak to in the game.

What It Does: As armor, the Traveler's Attire doesn't offer any additional protection, but it does look way cool. It super fits Jin's attempts to more or less look like a mysterious wanderer during the beginning of the game. But what the Traveler's Attire does do is enhance is your ability to track and sense Artifacts in the world. Artifacts are special collectible items that further expand on the state of Tsushima. Some Artifacts even yield tangible rewards if you collect enough. Sashimono Banners, for example, can be exchanged for new horse saddles when you collect enough.

With the Traveler's Attire on, your controller will vibrate when near an Artifact and the Guiding Wind will point to them from time to time. Though oddly enough, you can also sense Vanity Gear with the Traveler's Attire. Lastly, as you explore the world with the Traveler's Attire equipped, it clears more fog of war from the map, making it easier to find side-activities and points of interest.

Samurai Clan Armor

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Recommended For: Players who want to get up close and personal with their enemies.

How To Unlock: The Samurai Clan Armor is given to you for free during The Tale of Lady Masako--one of the first story missions you can do after the world opens up at the start of Act 1.

What It Does: The Samurai Clan Armor is a sturdy set that helps make you quite the resilient fighter. It reduces damage from enemies, increases your maximum health, and even builds up your Resolve upon being damaged. This is definitely for ideal for situations or missions early on where you're charging into the heat of battle, taking on numerous waves of enemies.

Ronin Attire

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Recommended For: Players who enjoy being both loud and stealthy.

How To Unlock: You get the Ronin Attire as a reward for completing Blood on the Grass, a story mission that becomes available after clearing The Broken Blacksmith--which is the first mission you do with Yuna after the world opens up at the start of Act 1.

What It Does: With the Ronin Attire equipped, you get an increase to your melee damage and a reduction to enemy detection speed. This is a great outfit to wear for those who want to ride the line between going loud and stealthy--just like a real morally questionable ronin. Another cool perk of the Ronin Attire is that enemies are slower to detect you after leaving pampas grass while crouched, further improving its functionality as a stealth-focused armor set.

Lastly, the Ronin Attire is the set you want to wear when you want to feel and look like Toshiro Mifune from Yojimbo. Okay, him and maybe hundreds of other classic samurai film protagonists. Whatever, this game needs to patch in the ability to say "abayo" (casual goodbye in Japanese) and coolly walk away as if nothing happened. I would use this at the end of every Tale. Joking aside, the Ronin Attire is a great all-around balanced armor set and should be a mainstay in your outfit lineup.

Tadayori's Armor

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Recommended For: Players who love using bows.

How To Unlock: You get Tadayori's Armor by completing The Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale, which becomes available after completing a few story missions early on during Act 1. You can find the Tale just south of the river at the Rustling Bend in the Izuhara region. For more details, check out our Mythic Tales walkthrough.

What It Does: Tadayori's Armor is a set that benefits those who rely on the bow. Its perks increase your ability to pick off enemies and mostly keep your distance. Equipping the outfit increases your draw and reload speed, while increasing your total Concentration time. Headshots also restore more of your Concentration meter, ensuring that you're always getting as much time as possible to line up shots. Ghost of Tsushima's combat flow prevents you from being an all-out ranged fighter, but Tadayori's Armor at least allows for a thrilling hit-and-run playstyle. I highly recommend using it every once in a while just to see how you like it.

Gosaku's Armor

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Recommended For: Aggressive players who are--quite frankly--sick and tired of enemies guarding so much.

How To Unlock: Gosaku's Armor is your reward for completing the The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale. You gain access to the Tale at the start of Act 2. It's a short ways southeast of Akashima village--you can't miss it. This Tale is quite involved, requiring you to liberate five Mongol-occupied farms to get the key items necessary to unlock the way to the armor. For more details, check out our Mythic Tales walkthrough.

What It Does: Gosaku's Armor allows aggressive players to really take the wind out of enemies. It provides an increase to your Stagger damage and gives you some health back after killing a Staggered enemy. If you're unfamiliar with how Staggering works, it's the damage you do with heavy attacks to an enemy's defense. When you inflict enough on your foe, you'll break their guard, leaving defenseless. Gosaku's Armor is all about ensuring you Stagger enemies often, and with the slight bump it also gives to your maximum health, you'll have a better chance of staying in the game to do so.

Kensei Armor

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Recommended For: Scrappy offensive players who enjoy using Ghost Weapons.

How To Unlock: The Kensei Armor is your reward for completing The Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale. You gain access to this Tale during Act 2, where it can be found in Umugi Cove after clearing the first section of the story mission there called A Message in Fire. For more details about the Six Blades of Kojiro, check out our Mythic Tales walkthrough.

What It Does: The Kensei Armor rewards those who rely on Ghost Weapons in battle. When equipped, your Ghost Weapons deal more damage, and hitting an enemy with one causes that enemy to deal less damage and receive more damage. Lastly, you get an increase your Resolve gains during combat, ensuring that you can always recover from a hit or two as you're lobbing Kunai and Sticky Bombs at everyone.

Sakai Clan Armor

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Recommended For: Offensive players who want a balanced armor set that rewards upholding the tenets of being a samurai.

How To Unlock: The Sakai Clan Armor is given to you during Ghosts from the Past story mission, which you can complete as soon as you arrive to the Toyotoma region at the start of Act 2.

What It Does: The Sakai Clan Armor provides a solid boost to your melee damage and maximum health, but its most notable perk is increasing your Standoff Streak and the chances of terrifying enemies after winning one. The streak increase even stacks onto the maximum three you can do with all the Standoff Streak techniques unlocked, allowing you a total of five by the time the set is fully upgraded. In a way, the Sakai Clan Armor rewards those who fairly approach and challenge enemies--though it's not so fair with that killstreak perk.

Ghost Armor

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Recommended For: Players who want to emphasize stealth and strike terror in the hearts of their enemies.

How To Unlock: You get Ghost Armor the moment you start the From the Darkness story mission during the end of Act 2.

What It Does: The Ghost Armor rewards stealthy players by reducing enemy detection speed, the number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stance, and even increases the chances of terrifying a nearby enemy. It's unfortunate that you don't get this set until a little later into the game, but once you do, it's likely to become a mainstay when you're sneaking about and engaging in all manner of dishonorable combat tactics. Be the Ghost (and not the Batman).

Mongol Commander's Armor

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Recommended For: Players who want to absorb a lot of damage and play practical jokes on Mongols.

How To Unlock: You get the Mongol Commander's Armor as a reward for completing Fit for the Khan--a Tale of Tsushima you can complete as soon as you gain access to Jogaku Temple in the Kamigata region during Act 3. The side-mission is a bit time-consuming, as it requires you to liberate some Mongol-occupied territory to get all of its parts. For more details about Fit for the Khan, check out our Tales of Tsushima walkthrough.

What It Does: The Mongol Commander's Armor is a hefty set that increases your health and reduces a ton of damage, making it pretty ideal for big fights. It bears noting that it cannot be upgraded past its base stats, but that won't matter much when you realize its final perk: massively reducing Mongol detection speed. That's right, this set is essentially a disguise you can use to easily sneak into Mongol camps without arousing too much suspicion--you'll still need to use some discretion as you walk in front of Mongols, of course. Regardless, the Mongol Commander's Armor is a set you can use to be a total pest. It's wonderful.


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Recommended For: Players who like streaking...I m-mean sneaking.

How To Unlock: The Fundoshi is your reward for resting at all 18 hot springs. If you haven't found them all, then check out our Hot Springs locations guide.

What It Does: The Fundoshi is less of an armor set and more...Well, it's basically traditional Japanese underwear. And in Ghost of Tsushima, wearing nothing but a Fundoshi makes it so that running and sprinting no longer creates any noise. That's actually super useful! It comes highly recommended if you're fond of sprinting through Mongol-occupied territory at the dead of night just for the thrill of it. That, and it makes every cutscene a great laugh.

Finally, if you're a true master of combat, then the Fundoshi is a solid way to up the stakes. After all, in the words of Jin Sakai after too much sake: "A true samurai needs no clothes."

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