Get Up To 7 PC Games For Just $10 In This New Fanatical Bundle

Pick from 16 tactical titles to fill out your Steam library.


For a limited time, you can snag up to seven PC strategy games for just $10 through Fanatical’s new Build Your Own Strategy Bundle 3.

If you’re unfamiliar with Fanatical’s Build Your Own bundles, these deals let you select from a pool of discounted games, and the total price scales based on how many you add to your cart. The Build Your Own Strategy 3 bundle includes 16 games, and you can select three for $5, five for $8, or seven for $10.

The list of possible games includes titles from every corner of the strategy genre, including turn-based fantasy wargaming like Fantasy General II: Invasion , RTS games like Iron Marines , and management sims like Train Valley 2 .

There are also some interesting hybrid strategy titles, such as Monster Sanctuary , a 2D Metroidvania platformer with monster taming and turn-based RPG battles, the side-scrolling tactical combat game Recon Control , and top-down tactical “dash ‘n slasher” Red Ronin .

We have the complete list of games in Fanatical’s Build Your Own Strategy Bundle 3 below. If something catches your eye, head over and purchase the bundle quickly--it’s only available until September 27.

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