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Get This Free Steam PC Game--Deal Ends Soon

Grab this one quickly.


With Metro Exodus launching early next year, your interest in the series might be piqued right about now. If you haven't checked it out and you have a gaming-capable PC, you can pick up the first game in the series right now without spending a dime. For just 24 hours, you can head over to Steam and grab Metro 2033 for free. Just make sure you hurry, because the deal goes away October 26 at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET / 6 PM BT).

In the world of Metro 2033, nuclear war has wiped out the vast majority of humanity and made the earth's surface uninhabitable. Survivors in Moscow have fled to the underground, where they struggle to survive. And as a result of the toxicity in the atmosphere, mutant beasts roam the upper world.

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This is a bleak first-person shooter, with an unrelentingly harsh atmosphere. In addition to the hideous mutant creatures you'll have to put down using an array of weaponry, you'll also face off against various human enemies--though a stealthy approach is often the best tactic.

In our Metro 2033 review, Chris Watters wrote, "The pervasive atmosphere fuels your whole experience, creating a grim, enthralling world that you feel compelled to explore. Metro 2033 is a very worthwhile game for anyone craving a uniquely rewarding journey into man's dark future."

If nothing else, playing a free copy of Metro 2033 could help ease the pain PC players feel over Red Dead Redemption 2 being only available on consoles, at least for the time being.

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