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Get Loads Of Bluey Episodes For Just $15 Dollarbucks

Make out like a Bandit.


Bluey is wonderful. You may have heard your friends talk about the wholesome and hilarious animated series on Disney Plus and thought, gee, I sure would like to own the misadventures of a tight-knit Australian dog family on physical media. Well good news, as Amazon's Black Friday deals include the complete first and second seasons for just $15.

The DVD set includes 103 episodes across four discs, covering most of the episodes that made the Heeler family into breakout stars. These include some of the very best and meme-able episodes, like Grannies, Camping, Sleepytime, and Magic Claw. A third season, which recently came to Disney Plus, hasn't been released on DVD yet. If you'd rather own the seasons individually, Season 1 and Season 2 are both on sale for $10 apiece.

Meanwhile, if 103 episodes isn't enough to get your fill of Bluey and Bingo's imaginative adventures, you'll be pleased to know that a new Bluey video game has just been released. To mark the occasion, Microsoft produced a custom-made Bluey Xbox that it's giving away as part of a sweepstakes. Amazon has plenty of deals on Bluey toys, apparel, and other collectibles as well.

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