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Get Hardspace: Shipbreaker, WWE 2K23, And 6 More Games For $12

Join Humble Choice for $12 and get free games every month.


Every month, Humble Choice subscribers get a new selection of PC games to download and keep forever as part of their $12/month subscription. This month's eight-game lineup includes everything from first-person shooters and 2D metroidvanias, to professional wrestling action and a grueling blue-collar labor simulation set in space!

Humble Choice Collection November 2023

  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker
  • WWE 2K23
  • Unpacking
  • Friends Vs Friends
  • Souldiers
  • Prodeus
  • The Legend of Tianding
  • SCP: Secret Files

Hardspace: Shipbreaker headlines this month's lineup. This first-person spaceship salvaging sim tasks you with breaking down derelict space vehicles for parts while floating in dangerous zero-g environments. Completing jobs rewards you with new tools and upgrades to help you salvage vessels quicker and more efficiently--and help keep you alive.

The other major title this month is WWE 2K23. The latest entry in the annual WWE series includes multiple gameplay modes, including a career mode where you create your own character and rise through the ranks of the WWE, a league management sim mode, and an interactive "documentary" where you play as John Cena.

There's also Unpacking, which turns organizing your home into a relaxing puzzle game. This is a perfect game to play if you're looking for something cozy to play during the long fall evenings.

The rest of this month's Humble Choice picks include first-person shooters Prodeus and Friends Vs Friends, 2D action platformers Souldiers and The Legend of Tianding, and the horror mini-game anthology SCP: Secret Files.

Humble Choice members can download and keep all eight games at no extra charge, but you must claim them before they're swapped out next month. Humble Choice games will remain in your Steam library even if you're no longer a Humble Choice member, so you can essentially view these as monthly bundle offers.

Along with the monthly free games, Humble Choice also includes access to a rotating collection of 50 DRM-free PC games in the Humble Vault, as well as an additional 20% off select items in the Humble Store, for just $12/month.

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