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Get $125 Worth Of Rhythm Games For $16

Grab the memetastic Trombone Champ along with six other toe-tapping games.


Guitar Hero may be done for, but rhythm games are far from being down for the count. Just take a look at the Feel The Rhythm bundle from Humble Bundle, which offers $125 worth of rhythm games for $16.

However, you can pick up fewer games for a lower price as well. The minimum price tier for this bundle is $9, for which you can pick up the multiplayer music creation game Disaster Band and the rhythm bullet hell Project Arrhythemia.

The middle tier begins at $12, which includes the oft-memed comedy rhythm game Trombone Champ, rhythm platformer Melody's Escape 2, and music dungeon crawler Soundfall. Finally, you can get the whole set for $16. Topping off the seven game bundle are the twin-stick shooter Beat Hazard 3 and the narrative action-adventure No Straight Roads.

The bundle benefits First Book, a non-profit which provides high-quality books and educational materials to children living in poverty. As always, you can allocate your payment for the bundle between the charity, the developers, and Humble itself.

You can redeem all of these games on Steam for PC, and three of the included games are confirmed to be playable on Steam Deck. The bundle ends on May 17, so if you are looking for some rhythm game goodness be sure to pick it up before then.

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