Genshin Impact Version 3.4 Introduces New Characters And A Deadly Desert In January

The next big Genshin Impact update will let you explore a sandstorm-ravaged part of the Sumeru region.


Genshin Impact is kicking off 2023 with a fresh update, as version 3.4 of the free-to-play game will go live on January 18. The Exquisite Night Chimes will be headlined by the annual Lantern Rite celebration, more character outfits, and a free four-star Liyue character. By completing this season's events and challenges, players will also be able to claim 13 Intertwined Fates and a new outfit for electrokinetic magician Lisa.

The other big additions will be the new Desert of Haramaveth area and two more characters to add to your roster, five-star Dendro swordsman Alhaitham and four-star Dendro polearm user Yaoyao. Alhaitham can create "Chisel-Light Mirrors" to convert his attacks into Dendro Damage and can increase the damage dealt by his Elemental Burs, while Yaoyao wields a polearm weapon and uses the Adeptus-crafted device Yuegui to deal more damage or heal her teammates.

As for the new area, developer HoyoVerse describes it as being a dangerous location that has a perpetual gigantic tornado sitting in the center of the desert, resulting in turbulent storms and buried secrets rising from its surface.

Following the World Quest "Golden Slumber," players can begin another adventure with Jeht from the Tanit Camps, which involves an encounter with a magical bottle, the lost Orchard of Pairidaeza, and a location that has had its time literally frozen by an ancient king.

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