Genshin Impact Is The Quickest Mobile Game To Make $1 Billion

The popular RPG has surpassed Pokemon Go and Clash Royale in record time with its billion-dollar feat.


Studio miHoYo's popular and free RPG Genshin Impact has been a massive success since it launched last year, and despite also being on PS4 and PC, it has become the fastest mobile game to reach $1 billion in player revenue from the App Store and Google Play.

Taking less than six months to do so, Genshin Impact has outpaced other hit titles such as Pokemon Go, Lineage M, and Clash Royale according to analyst Sensor Tower's data. In comparison, it took PUBG Mobile just over 16 months to hit its $1 billion in player spending after it began monetizing, while Honor of Kings required approximately 18 months just on iOS.

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Other interesting data revealed is that Genshin Impact ranked in third place currently amongst top revenue-generating mobile games globally, is the top-grossing title outside of China in the last 30 days, and it generates approximately $5.8 million in revenue daily on mobile alone. On PC and PS4, those figures are likely similar as well.

A surge in player spending is usually seen whenever a new character is released, which isn't too surprising as Genshin Impact has a regular influx of post-launch content and characters available through an extremely profitable gacha-style system. Right now players can unlock fan-favorite Venti who has returned in a new banner event.

Genshin Impact's influence outside of the PC, PS4, and mobile platforms that it's available on has been just as impressive if a tad bit weird. A recent KFC crossover that asked fans to visit the fast-food outlet in China had to be shut down over COVID-19 protocol violations, although the employees who had to deal with Genshin Impact players shouting "Meet in another world, enjoy delicious food!" were probably relieved.

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