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Genshin Impact Archon Quest - Requiem of The Echoing Depths Guide

In this Genshin Impact guide, we walk you through the new Archon Quest in Liyue's new area, The Chasm.


Genshin Impact's Archon Quest features Dainsleif and a new underground area, The Chasm. In order to initiate Requiem of The Echoing Depths, players must have attained Adventure Rank 28 and have finished the Archon Quest: A New Star Approaches. The World Quest Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering must also be completed in order to go underground in The Chasm.

Requiem of The Echoing Depths will pop up immediately in your Quest List. It'll first guide you to Katheryne in Liyue and then direct you to The Chasm. Easiest way to get into The Chasm is to take the clearly demarcated trail into it. Don't be like me--I tried climbing the too-steep mountains surrounding the Chasm before realizing there was a perfectly fine flat path guiding us to the Chasm's entrance.

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Yuehui in the mining camp will give you your next Archon Quest objective, Enter The Chasm: Underground Mines. However, before you can go spelunking, you'll need to complete a World Quest called The Chasm Delvers first. It has three parts: Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal, Chasm Spelunkers, and Heavenly Stone Debris. Since this is a walkthrough guide, there are minor spoilers below for the Archon Quest's storyline.

Entrance to The Chasm is the trail marked in red.
Entrance to The Chasm is the trail marked in red.

The Chasm Delvers: Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal

Talk to Muning and Zhiqiong. You'll then get the quest of hitting up a store room, defeating Treasure Hunters, and walking away with a Lumenstone. The Lumenstone is a very important mechanic in The Chasm, and you'll learn more about it when you're underground.

Go back to Zhiqiong. She's standing close to your next objective: solving a Bedrock Key puzzle. These are simple to figure out. Hit the glowing Geo ore and then get close to the cage-like stone structure. It will light up once it comes into contact with the glowing Geo ore. Do the same for the other cage-like structure.

After both are lit up, you will receive instructions to hit the cage-like stone structures. Do so and you'll realize that they emit little projectiles that'll hit the Bedrock. Keep hitting the structures until the Bedrock is unlocked. Then you'll be tasked with three other Bedrock Key Puzzles on The Chasm's above-ground surface. All of these follow the same process of finding Geo ores and bringing them to the stone structures.

Bedrock Key puzzle
Bedrock Key puzzle

The Chasm Delvers: Chasm Spelunkers

Here you finally get access to The Chasm's underground, and it's here where NPC Jinwu will introduce you to the Lumenstone mechanic called the Lumenstone Adjuvant.

The basic gameplay behind Lumenstone Adjuvant, when equipped, is that it can clear areas with purple and black ooze in the Chasm. To level up your Adjuvant, you must collect Lumenstones, glowing floating Oculis that look like a blue version of the red Crimson Agates in Dragonspine. The map will indicate when you're near a Lumenstone. You'll want to gather Lumenstones as you progress through the quests and map, in order to avoid being gated behind certain quests due to the Adjuvant level not being high enough to clear stubborn ooze. Check out this Teyvat Interactive Map for all Lumenstone locations.

Lumenstone locations
Lumenstone locations

Back to the The Chasm Delvers quest: You'll first get tasked with recovering pieces of Uncle He's diary. This will be marked on the map for you, so just go to those places and read the Diary fragments.

Next, go find Zhiqiong who has two quests for you:

  • First Miasmic Contact: This is taking pictures of fossil-looking things on walls. All locations are marked on your map.

  • Meeting New People… And Foiling Some Bandits: Like the name implies, you'll rescue a new NPC called Toclipho from the Treasure Hunters. You'll then encounter a cannon--but wait! To trigger the cannon you need cannonballs, which are conveniently locked behind a gated store room.

The Chasm Delvers: Heavenly Stone's Debris

To find where the keys are to unlock the store room and get the cannonballs, go find Jinwu. She'll mark the two keys' locations on your map. If the Lumenstone Adjuvant isn't leveled up enough to clear the purple ooze near the water filtration system, you might need to obtain some Lumenstones before grabbing the two keys.

After finding the two keys, go back to camp, and Toclipho will direct you to make three Special Unmoving Essential Oils. No need to teleport out of The Chasm--there's a crafting table right at the camp next to Toclipho. You'll need frogs and Cor Lapis ingredients to create the formula.

After that, you'll be directed to finding the Safe Blasting Device Signaling Guide. It will tell you what frequency three lamp posts--that will light up in the distance once you stand at the lit-up location on a ledge--should be tuned to. The low post is high-frequency flickering, middle post is low-frequency flickering, and the high post is low-frequency flickering.

Low post is high-frequency flickering, middle post is low-frequency flickering, and the high post is low-frequency flickering.
Low post is high-frequency flickering, middle post is low-frequency flickering, and the high post is low-frequency flickering.

It's now finally time to load up the cannonballs and fire away at the blocked pathway. You basically have unlimited tries to get the cannon's aim right, but the effective way is moving the cannon right and up. Once the way clears, you'll get a Luxurious Chest as a reward.

Archon Quest Part II: The Grave of The Guarded

As you accompany Dainsleif, you'll be fighting waves of Black Serpent Knights in between cutscenes. They come in variations of Hydro and Cyro, so make sure you have a team handy to deal with those elements. The quest will then lead you into the upside-down ruins on the ceiling of The Chasm.

Archon Quest Part III: Memories of Inteyvat

Beat up a Hydro Herald here and uncover what your twin is planning to do with the pool. You'll also find out what's up with the Hilichurls disappearing into The Chasm.

Part IV: The Black Serpent Knights' Glory

Now it's time to thwart your twin's plans. Go back to the place where the pool is. After a cutscene, you'll be tasked with destroying four devices. Touch the portals to enter and defeat Abyss Mages guarding the devices. After getting rid of the charging devices, a final cutscene will trigger.

Portal entryways
Portal entryways

There you have it: a walkthrough guide of Archon Quest Requiem of The Echoing Depths. It will take four to six hours to complete, if you're grabbing the occasional Lumenstone and opening majority of the chests. It, of course, will be longer if you're also focused on obtaining all the Lumenstones, opening all chests, and doing other World Quests in The Chasm.

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