Gears of War HD Remaster Coming to Xbox One - Report

It's no Marcus Fenix Collection, but the first Gears of War game is getting the remaster treatment.


The original Gears of War is in the process of being remastered for release on Xbox One, Polygon reports.

Epic Games' 2006 third-person shooter is being improved with enhanced visuals and cutscenes, the latter of which are in the works at visual effects studio Plastic Wax, which GameSpot profiled back in 2013. Similarly, Halo 2's reworked cutscenes in The Master Chief Collection were handled externally by Blur Studio.

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Epic is no longer involved with Gears, having sold the franchise to Microsoft last year. Black Tusk Studios is now in charge of the series, and is at work on both the remaster and the upcoming, untitled sequel.

Microsoft seemingly teased a remaster of the first three Gears of War games when Xbox boss Phil Spencer retweeted a message about something called "The Marcus Fenix Collection" last year. Spencer later said this was simply a mistake, and Black Tusk producer Rod Fergusson reiterated this last month when he said that "there's no Marcus Fenix Collection."

That still appears to technically be true, with just the first Gears game being remastered. This was potentially meant to be part of Microsoft's E3 showing; Fergusson teased that something would be coming in June, and we know the publisher plans on highlighting first-party games during its press conference.

GameSpot has contacted Microsoft for comment and will report back with anything we learn.

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