Gears of War 4 Coming Holiday 2016, Microsoft Announces at E3 2015

New Gears game coming to Xbox One next year.


Microsoft today revealed a brand-new Gears of War, Gears of War 4, that is coming to Xbox One during holiday 2016.

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The game was shown off using the first-ever gameplay footage, which featured two seemingly brand-new characters. A number of elements from previous Gears appear to be returning, including gun-mounted chainsaws and the style of sprinting seeing in previous games.

The demo moved from an outdoor environment where a storm was hitting to an indoor area with very limited lighting. The two characters--one a woman, and one a man whose perspective the demo was shown from--then began fighting a variety of monsters that don't appear to be resemble those seen in past games. In the process, we get to see the Gnasher Shotgun, Lancer, and the chainsaw all used.

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While the game undoubtedly looked much better than any past Gears title, there didn't appear to be much new on display; the core gameplay seems largely unchanged, at least based on what we saw this morning. While it's somewhat disappointing that any new elements Gears 4 offers weren't featured in the video, we are still roughly a year and a half away from its launch. In other words, there isn't necessarily any reason for Gears fans hoping for some new wrinkles to panic.

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