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Get 3 PC Games For $15, Including Doom Eternal And Wolfenstein II

Fanatical's latest Diamond Collection lets you build your own bundle from a list of over 15 Steam games.


If you've got $15 burning a hole in your pocket and an urge to grab some quality games, Fanatical's new Diamond Collection bundle can help you out. With this build-your-own-bundle deal, you can pick three games from an impressive list for only $15. You can make your decision easier and get even more value by spending $19 to get four games or $23 for five games.

As for the games available? The marquee titles here are a pair of first-person shooters from Bethesda, including Doom Eternal. The ferocious sequel to Id Software's excellent 2016 reboot of the franchise dials the action up to 11. Armed with over-the-top weapons, your goal is to rip through hordes of demons that are hellbent on turning Doomguy into mush. The game also looks terrific if you have a suitable rig, and it even is verified to run on Steam Deck. Just be aware that you'll drain your battery in roughly two hours or less, depending on your performance settings. You may want to have a 45W (or better) power bank on hand, such as this one that's on sale at Amazon, to extend your battery life.

Fanatical Diamond Collection Bundle

  • Doom Eternal (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Tormented Souls (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Mail Time (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Barony (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Bang-On Balls: Chronicles (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Hidden Deep (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Sands of Salzaar (Steam Deck)
  • Martha Is Dead
  • Death's Gambit: Afterlife (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Everdream Valley (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Heaven Dust 2 (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Skabma - Snowfall
  • Cardboard Town (Steam Deck Playable)
  • Complete Dread X Collection
  • Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire Sim (Steam Deck Playable)
  • My Little Universe (Steam Deck Playable)

Sticking with first-person shooters, you can travel back in time to an alternate timeline where Nazi Germany won World War II and conquered the US. Fortunately, Wolfenstein II's hero BJ Blazckowicz is ready to save the day, and this sequel Wolfenstein: The New Order is locked and loaded for action. This is also the deluxe edition of the game, so you'll be getting the Freedom Chronicles Season Pass. This fleshes out the story with new episodes starring other heroes of the US resistance, adding a chunky amount of extra content to the campaign.

For something smaller but packed with value, there's also the complete Dread X Collection, 10 terrifying games made by 10 different developers. These games were produced in a single week by talented developers. These small-scale horror experiences are playable on Steam Deck.

Other highlights include the great Soulslike metroidvania Death's Gambi: Afterlife and Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, a humorous open-world sandbox game you can play solo or with up to three other players.

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