GBAs get packed with pooches

O3 lets owners of Nintendo's other handheld experience the joy of virtual pet care; eight Hana Deka Club dogs to choose from.


Pocket Dogs

Earlier this year, Nintendo released the DS title Nintendogs, a game of virtual puppy raising that has become a sensation in Japan and in the United States. The game helped spur sales of Nintendo's new portable system and garnered several "awwww"s as players trained, frolicked with, and cared for their digital doggies.

Game Boy Advance owners could do nothing but be envious of the sensation, since the game never made it to their system. But with the recent release of the Game Boy Micro and sales of GBA systems still strong, the opportunity for a similar game to take advantage of the envy proved too tempting for one publisher to pass up.

Santa Clara-based O3 today decided to throw GBA owners a bone and announced Pocket Dogs for the system. The game is a virtual-pet sim featuring the dogs from the popular Hana Deka Club toy brand, which has pictures of dogs taken with a fish-eye lens, exaggerating their features.

There are eight breeds to choose from, including pugs, Chihuahuas, and shih tzus. These dogs can rap with their owners, finding out about their likes and dislikes, and will play games of fetch with Frisbees, balls, and bones.

Pocket Dogs will be released this holiday season and is awaiting rating information.

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