Gaming exoskeleton that pairs with Oculus Rift surfaces at CES

PrioVR full-body tracking suit comes to Consumer Electronics Show with second crowdfunding effort to launch next month.

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After failing to gather enough funds on Kickstarter last year, the PrioVR full-body gaming exoskeleton is back this week at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show for a second try. GameSpot sister site CNET reports that the company behind the suit, YEI Technology, has partnered with virtual reality company Oculus Rift for a more immersive version of the tech.

The half-body PrioVR suit features sensors for a user's head, elbows, and wrists; meanwhile, the full-body suit features sensors that track your shoulder, waist, and leg movements. As you can see in the image above, players hold a nunchuck-like controller to navigate the game environment.

According to YEI's leader of research and development Paul Yost, this will allow you to drop to the ground, roll around, shoot under your leg, and even curl up into the fetal position.

"We have this collection of inertial sensors that combines with a software that ties all that together into this skeletal model," he said. "All that happens on the system itself, so there's no computational load on the PC other than the communication."

Along with the software are API plug-ins, which Yost said are compatible with all major gaming engines, which will allow developers to add support for the suit to their titles. PCs are the focus right away, but Yost said he's hopeful support for consoles will be added in the future.

Check out CNET's full write-up on the PrioVR full-body gaming exoskeleton for more.

On February 14, YEI will launch a new Kickstarter campaign for the PrioVR with a goal of less than $100,000. The original campaign asked for $225,000, but only gathered $111,000. The full-body suit is expected to sell for $400, while the half-body suit will go for around $270.

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