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Gaming Classic Earthbound is Getting a Convention, New Handbooks, and More

Are you an Earthbound fan? Then there might still be time for you to join the You Are Now Earthbound Kickstarter.


If you're an Earthbound fan, you're likely already familiar with Fangamer. The fan-crated shop for selling Earthbound-inspired memorobilia has become a powerhouse for all sorts of gaming nostalgia over the last few years, and they're following that success up with another huge win -- a massively successful Kickstarter project.

Titled You Are Now Earthbound, funding was original started to put together a new Earthbound handbook in the style of the group's original, lovingly crafted Mother 3 guide. But now that the group is set to surpass its original funding goal by almost 200%, the project has expanded to include an Earthbound-themed convention, a print version of Legends of Localization, air freshener. Reward tiers range from digital versions of the game's handbook for $16 to an $8,192 trip to Japan.

Full disclosure: I've backed this project, and (like my byline says below) I'm a huge Earthbound fan. But no matter what, the Earthbound project is happening, so you don't have to worry about whether it'll raise enough money to meet its goals. At this point, it's just about seeing how high it can go!

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