GameStop shares rise after Xbox One reports

[UPDATE] Shares close for the day up more than 6 percent.


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[UPDATE] GameStop shares closed today up 6.15 percent (+2.13) to $36.75

The original story follows below

Microsoft's recent announcement that decisions about secondhand Xbox One games will be left up to publishers has not hurt GameStop's share value. Instead, the opposite has proven true.

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In morning trading, GameStop shares are up more than 7 percent to $37.10 at press time.

Only one publisher--Fallout studio Bethesda--has responded to GameSpot's request for comment regarding whether or not they will allow used Xbox One games or impose an activation fee.

"We haven't had time to fully understand and evaluate their policy," a company representative said.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter released a note on Microsoft's recently announced Xbox One policy today, stating he does not believe publishers will block used games or impose activation fees.

"In our view, any publisher that disables used gaming risks a backlash or boycott of its titles by gamers, negatively impacting sales," he said.

Describing potential activation fees, Pachter said these are similarly unlikely.

"They would face a huge backlash" he said. "They wanted manufacturers to do the dirty work, and both refused."

According to Pachter, GameStop stands to be hurt the most not from the impact of potential used games restrictions, but the recent revelation that Xbox One games will be available digitally on day-one.

"We believe that this disclosure has the greatest potential to negatively impact GameStop’s business, as GameStop is unlikely to participate directly in these digital sales," he said.

At the same time, though, Pachter said it is in the best interests of Microsoft and publishers to integrate GameStop's PowerUp Rewards currency into digital transactions in some manner, thus giving the retailer a cut.

The Xbox One launches later this year. For more, check out GameSpot's news hub dedicated to the next-generation platform.

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