GameSpot Myst III: Exile Designer Diary Hub

GameSpot Myst III: Exile Designer Diary Hub


Take an exclusive inside look at the development process of Myst III: Exile, the long-awaited followup to Myst and Riven, which were best-selling interactive games for the PC and Mac.


  • 02/28/01 Entry #4
    GAME Studios' Daniel Achterman gives a progress report on Myst III's development since he last wrote about the game.
  • 08/14/00 Entry #3
    In our third installment of the Myst III: Exile designer diary, Dan Irish talks about live-action video and its role in Myst III. He then takes us behind the scenes of a video shoot, where actors from both Myst and Riven make a comeback appearance to re-create the characters familiar to many of the games' fans.
  • 07/13/00 Entry #2
    Daniel Achterman works at Mattel Interactive as an associate producer in the Myst product group. His responsibilities include consulting with the development team on game design, managing quality assurance, and coordinating the activities of other product groups like web engineering. Here, Achterman talks about Mattel's involvement with Presto Studios, the developers of Myst III.
  • 06/12/00 Entry #1
    Mattel Interactive producer Daniel Irish talks about the Myst III team's genesis, Presto Studios' role, and Cyan's involvement, and he gives away a few choice tidbits on Myst III's story.

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