GameSpot GamePlay Episode 36: Nosebleed Seats

Host Kevin VanOrd and his motley crew of GameSpotters go the always-online route, and Dishonored designer Harvey Smith talks about his new novel.


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GameSpot GamePlay Episode 36: Nosebleed Seats

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In this dusty, rambling edition of the GameSpot GamePlay podcast, host Kevin VanOrd proves just how random and bizarre his mind really is. Why must it be so difficult to put a sentence together?! Fortunately, the not-so-random Carolyn Petit, Tom Mc Shea, and Tyler Winegarner are there to pick up the slack and talk about EA's newest designation as the worst company in America.

Do you know who doesn't ramble? The ultra-intelligent Harvey Smith, whose credits include Deus Ex, System Shock, and Dishonored--and whose novel just landed on shelves. In a special segment, Smith talks to Kevin about the book's Southern Gothic overtones, the catharsis of writing, and what the road to hell is truly paved with.

The book's called Big Jack is Dead, and you can grab it from Amazon. In the immortal words of Kevin VanOrd, Big Jack is Dead "is dark and gut-wrenching." That's a very good thing, in this case.

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