GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 9: Active Time Babbling

On this week's episode, we talk about Final Fantasy and nothing but; at least after the 12 minute mark.


To celebrate the recent Final Fantasy 25th anniversary party that happened in Japan on September 1 and 2, we figured we should share our Final Fantasy memories to you avid listeners. While opinions on the Final Fantasy XIII saga are still divided, at least we can look back at a time when Square Enix (then called Squaresoft) could do no wrong with the legendary series that placed the "J" on the JRPG genre.

Yours truly geeks out with Robots Gone Bad's Aaron Yip and Mary-Anne Lee, and SGCafe's Sim Cheng Kai about draw systems, mental cases with giant swords, and Shinra allusions. On with the show (cue sound of field-to-battle transition).

Download the episode here. Time stamps are below for your reference:

2:13 - Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
5:26 - The Walking Dead Episode 1-3
8:34 - Persona 4: The Golden
11:13 - Intermission (Earthrise [FF Church/Main Theme] by Brandon Strader)
12:10 - Final Fantasy IX (Mary-Anne)
16:15 - Final Fantasy VII (Aaron Yip)
24:40 - Final Fantasy VII (Cheng Kai)
33:13 - Final Fantasy XII
37:18 - Final Fantasy VI
39:00 - Intermission (Final Fantasy 6 Ruffneck Terra)
40:04 - FF VII remake?
42:30 - Final Fantasy Legend series (SaGa)
45:10 - Final Fantasy III, FFVI vs VII
49:41 - Final Fantasy VIII
57:13 - Final Fantasy X (for a bit)

For more recent videos on Final Fantasy, check out our Heroic Archetype feature. Tell us on the comments box below your favorite Final Fantasy moment, or what you love/hate about the series back then and now.

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Intro & Outro music: Penpal (Tugboat Cover) by Anamanaguchi
Intermission 1: Earthrise (Final Fantasy I Church, Main Theme) by Brandon Strader
Intermission 2:
Final Fantasy VI Ruffneck Terra by halc

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