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GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 14: A Street Fighter Retrospective

This week's Asia-centric gaming podcast details the enormous history of the Street Fighter series. From 3D iterations to the nonsensical Hong Kong comics, nothing is spared.


Ah, there's nothing as enjoyable as watching two people beat the living beejesus out of each other; it's even better if you happen to control someone who can conjure fire from his fists and connect it to some poor sap's face. The magic of video games, people!

Yes, it'll be the 25th anniversary of Capcom's Street Fighter series and we'd like to talk about its legacy and influence in great detail. With me, Jonathan Toyad, are Randolph Ramsay and SG Café writer Sim Cheng Kai; avid fans of Street Fighter. Also detailing his thoughts on Street Fighter and fighting games is Yongde, Cross Counter Asia video producer and huge contributor to the Singapore fighting game community. Fight!

Download the podcast here. Annotations and timestamps are below:

0:00 –"Street Fighter II Opening Theme" by Alph Lyra
0:25 – Intro, Non Street Fighter segment (Dishonored, The Last Story, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale)
15:17 – Intermission -"Theme of Ryu" by Alph Lyra
16:13 – Street Fighter, Street Fighter II and its many editions, the live-action films
30:50 – Intermission - "Theme of M.Bison" by Alph Lyra
31:50 – Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV and the competitive scene
42:13 – Intermission - "Theme of Cammy" by Alph Lyra
43:13 – Interview with Cross Counter Asia video producer/Tough Cookie owner/ prominent Singapore FGC contributor Yongde
1:24:42 – Intermission – "Theme of Guile" by Alph Lyra (which goes with everything)
1:25:50 – Miscellaneous Street Fighter stuff, Hong Kong SF comics
1:33:44 – Outro – "True Ending Theme" by Alph Lyra

What are your favorite Street Fighter moments? Which game is your favorite and why? Post your thoughts and comments below.

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