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It's Wednesday, so let's see what's showing at the GameSpot Spotlight!


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Now playing this week at the GameSpot Spotlight YouTube channel!

The Games

-Game Night By: Sidburn19
Here we see our most recent GameSpot Community Game Night where we all decided to get together and throw shells at one another into the wee hours of the night. Check out the fun!

- Monotonous Gears of War Match - Gameplay Commentary By: charlie_killer
Catmangamer takes us back in time for some Gears of War gameplay in honor of GOW3's upcoming release date.

-"I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT": Completed By: THECaptainPlanetHD
Here we have gameplay to I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT, a neat little indie game available on the X360.

- Spawn Points - Domination Nuketown By: 1978pickett
Dominating players from his high vantage point in Nuketown.

- Counter Strike 1.6 - TRIBUTE By: GND796
A tribute to Counter-Strike 1.6.

- Persona 4: The Golden for Playstation Vita By: Shadow-Elite
A quick update on info about Persona 4: The Golden for the PlayStation Vita.

- Mortal Kombat 9-Reptile Combo By: angelbless45
Mortal Kombat 9--let's check out some Reptile.


- How To Make Glowing Text Effect On GIMP By: maniamsmart
How to make the glowing text effect on GIMP.


- Cave Story…. so far By nintendoboy16
A short video on the PC freeware version of Cave Story. To sum things up, "It's a pretty good game."


-Let's Play - Minecraft…. BLOW S*** UP!!
WARNING: This video features adult gamers using adult language.
What happens when you gather a few friends, a custom world in Minecraft, and a s***load of TNT? Let's find out.
- Fruit Ninja Kinect By: 1HGPG
A video in response to our review of Fruit Ninja for the Kinect. In this video he seeks to prove that you can in fact use everyday items to slice fruit.


- Isolation By: meconate
The latest dubstep mix by awesome GameSpot talent.

Behind the Spot

- GameSpot on Xenoblade
GameSpot editors Chris and Carolyn talk about Xenoblade.
- You've Been Spotted Episode 4
We talk about All-Time Greatest Game Sidekicks, Sound Byte: Meet the Composer of Resistance 3, Dead Island, last week's BlazBlue winner, and a new Poke-themed contest!

Spotlight Classics

- InsertCoins in Las Vegas
StutteringCraig shares his thoughts about this hip new 21-plus club. He offers an inside look at the grand opening of Insert Coins, a video game lounge bar in Las Vegas.
- Cat Boss - FINAL FIGHT!
GameSpotter Mufujifi takes on the dreaded "cat boss" as it returns once again to terrorize one adventurer. Will she prevail?
- Red Dead Redemption User Review
Today's SpotLight focuses on Lydia Ellery and her review of Red Dead Redemption.

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