Gamecock crows about EIEIO '08

Publisher's indie-focused gaming media event to lead into SXSW music festival on March 6 in Austin, Texas.


Making the most out of the decentralized nature of last year's E3 Media and Business Summit, indie-focused publisher Gamecock carved out a space for itself in the heart of the trade-show bustle in Santa Monica for its inaugural Expo for Interactive Entertainment, Independent and Original (EIEIO).

Awkward to return after having already held a wake for the live-and-well trade show, Gamecock has a more down-home experience in mind for this year's EIEIO. The publisher announced today that EIEIO '08 will take place at the Stubb's Bar-B-Q in its hometown of Austin, Texas, on March 6. Music fans may take note of the date, as Gamecock is positioning the show as a lead in to SXSW, an annual music festival and conference taking place in the same locale that runs March 7-16.

"We want this EIEIO to be part videogame expo, part backyard carnival, part indie revival," said Gamecock cofounder Mike Wilson. "And, as EIEIO leads right into SXSW--the annual mecca for independent artists from all walks of life--we are heading-up the charge to get the best and most original games here."

As with last year, EIEIO will feature upcoming wares from Gamecock-signed developers. Thus far announced to be on hand at the show will be Wideload, Red Fly Studio, Spark Unlimited, Replay Studios, Firefly Studios, and TimeGate Studios, and event organizers claim more presenters will be announced as the show's date approaches.

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