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Game Developers Will Need To Disclose AI Use On Steam

Players will be able to report illegal use of AI.


Steam has implemented some new guidelines regarding the use of AI in video games being sold on its platform. Developers will be required to disclose how AI is being used in them.

Steam updated its Content Survey that developers fill out when submitting their games to Steam. In a newly added AI disclosure section, developers are required to describe how AI is being used in both the development and execution of their games.

The use is separated into two categories: pre-generated and live-generated. Pre-generated AI use refers to content such as art, code, and sound, created with AI tools during development. During Valve's pre-release review, the company will evaluate the output of AI-generated content the same it does with non-AI content. Since all developers are beholden to Steam's Distribution Agreement, Valve will also check their games for illegal or infringing content, and whether they are consistent with marketing materials.

For live-generated content, it refers to content that uses AI tools while the game is running. The rules for pre-generated AI use are also applied to live-generated content, but with one more requirement. Developers will need to describe in the Content Survey what kind of measures they will take to make sure that the AI isn't generating any illegal content while the game is running.

Steam is also releasing a new system where players can report any illegal content that they encounter when playing games with live-generated AI content. This system comes in the form of an in-game overlay, making it easy and convenient for players to report something that should have been caught by the measures the developer set up regarding live-generated AI content.

AI has been a hotly debated topic within the video games industry, with developers fearing that its use could cost them jobs. Some companies, such as Square Enix, are embracing the use of AI.

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