Game Developers Aren't Into NFTs Or Crypto, According To GDC Survey

70% of developers interviewed said they weren't interested in NFTs at all.


If you're tired of seeing pictures of apes on Twitter or hearing about game publishers like Ubisoft and Square Enix dabbling in NFTs, you're in good company. According to a survey of 2,700 game developers from the Game Developer's Conference, most of the people making games aren't interested in NFTs or cryptocurrency.

When asked to gauge their interest in using cryptocurrency as a payment tool, 72% of respondents to the GDC survey said that they weren't. Similarly, 70% of game devs who took the survey said they had no interest in NFTs.

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That's not to say all game developers are against the idea of implementing blockchain tech or the latest meme coin into their game. 27% of respondents said they were at least somewhat interested in accepting crypto as payment while 28% had the same reaction to NFTs. With both technologies being so young it's also no surprise that only 1% of game developers said that their studios are already using either cryptocurrency or NFTs.

GDC's survey shows a deep disconnect between developers and others in the gaming industry, namely in publishing. Ubisoft has already committed to NFTs with its own service, Quartz, while Square Enix's president, Yosuke Matsuda, has already said that he expects NFTs to become accepted at large.

Meanwhile, the response to any NFT plans presented by those in the gaming industry has, by and large, been negative. When Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl developer GSC world announced that it was planning to integrate NFTs into the game, the backlash was so severe that the plans were almost immediately scrapped. More recently, voice actor Troy Baker announced a collaboration with an NFT project and was swiftly met by criticism.

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