Galactus, The Nuisance Of Marvel Snap, Has Finally Been Nerfed

The infamous card that has been the source of complaints for months has finally gotten a major power adjustment.


One of Marvel Snap's most controversial cards has finally gotten hit hard with the nerf bat. Galactus, the card that destroys all of the other locations, has gotten a major power adjustment in the latest update. While the change technically makes Galactus more powerful, it also makes his game-shaking effect more conditional.

Since launch, Galactus has been a 6-cost, 2-power card that destroys all of the other locations if it's your only one at the location where it's played. With the new patch, the world-eater has been changed to a 7-power card, but it will only destroy the other locations if it's your only card and you're winning that location.

The change means that the counter to Galactus changes significantly. Before, the most effective method to counter Galactus was to place cards on your opponent's side with Debrii or pull Galactus out of its intended location with Aero. In lengthy patch notes explaining the change, developer Second Dinner said that his win-rate was too high, and even players who successfully countered him didn't really enjoy the experience. The studio says that it hopes this change will make countering Galactus more about competing for power level, which is the core play mechanic of Marvel Snap. With this condition his power level can also be further adjusted if the balance swings too far in either direction.

"Caring about winning this way lets players contest Galactus within the core fun of Snap--using Power to challenge for locations," it states. "Relying exclusively on counters is frustrating because neither player has much control over their appearance, but every deck should have the ability to muster 7 Power."

A nerf to Galactus has been a long time coming. Players have complained about the card since launch, and Second Dinner has been open that he's been on notice for an impending nerf for some time. This change comes alongside the launch of the new Conquest Mode, which has you compete for a series of unbroken wins using the Battle Mode format. You can exchange the currency you earn for prizes including an exclusive seasonal card, but the grand prize is for winning the Infinity Conquest, which only opens in the final week. If you can win five matches in a row in the Infinity Conquest, you'll get a special Infinity border for your avatar.

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