FX Racing announced

Milestone announces that it's working on a racing game for the PC and all current console platforms. First screens inside.


FX Racing

Italian developer Milestone has today announced that it's working on an arcade racing game for the PC and all current console platforms. FX Racing will allow up to four players to compete on 18 different tracks in Egypt, Transylvania, and Tokyo.

"We specialize in producing high-quality racing games. FX Racing combines the key elements of fast-paced race action with awesome stunts and weapons and will be one of our key titles for 2004," said Milestone's managing director, Antonio Farina. "As Italians we love to drive cars like maniacs--in real life and of course in video games. Have you seen how they drive in Rome? Totally crazy! They might not have the weapons that we have in FX Racing, but the excitement and fear of tearing around the city is real--and we've tried to capture and re-create those feelings in this game."

FX Racing will feature 30 different vehicles in total and will allow players to take each other out with a veritable arsenal of weapons including earthquakes, fireballs, timeshots, and cyclones. Online play will be available in the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox versions of the game. FX Racing is currently scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2004. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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