Funcom Launches No Escape Web Site

The Norwegian and Irish game developer announces a new Web site for its upcoming lighthearted action game. New screens inside.


Funcom has announced the launch of a new Web site for its upcoming action game No Escape. The lighthearted game is based on a futuristic game show, in which up to eight contestants battle for control of tiny man-made planets on live TV. No Escape features eight playable characters: Pei Ling, an aerobics instructor that moonlights as a ninja; Agent Massimo, a fashionable Italian secret agent; Barry 2000, a half-witted robot; Karen Kurtz, a police lieutenant from Brooklyn; Hank Hardy, a trigger-happy cowboy; Chuck McFlint, an alligator hunter from Florida; Bratney, a militant rock star; and Lenny LeRoi, a break-dancing fashion designer. We've added screenshots of each character to our gallery.

For more information about No Escape, read our impressions, which are linked below, or visit the official No Escape Web site.

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