Front Mission Evolved deploying DLC in Nov.

Square Enix firing off quartet of add-ons for mech-based shooter on 360, PS3, PC, beginning today.


Front Mission Evolved
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Square Enix is expected to report on its July-September earnings later this week, and the Japanese publisher has already said that its new software did not perform to expectations. One of the new games released during that period, Double Helix's Front Mission Evolved, will have a chance to make up some money post-launch, as Square Enix today announced a host of new downloadable content for the game.

The first swath of DLC is available today and includes both free and premium content. At no charge is Weapons Pack 1, which will include the Dark Hog Burst Fire machine gun, Seiger sniper rifle, and Blackstone shotgun. The Wanzer Pack 2 will cost gamers $4 and includes the versatile Stork and light recon-focused Tatou mechs.

Front Mission will continue to evolve in November.
Front Mission will continue to evolve in November.

On November 9, Square Enix will release Weapons Pack 2 with a $3 price tag. Heavy weapons are central to the second pack, as it includes the Rockjack bazooka, Goldias missile launcher, and Wildgoose rocket launcher. Lastly, the publisher will deploy the third Wanzer Pack on November 16 for $4. This add-on includes the long-range-oriented Wildgoat mech and the ISV-Prototype, which melds hover-based mobility with high-powered weaponry.

The Front Mission Evolved packs will be available to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC users. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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