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Friday The 13th: The Game's Final Patch Notes Signal The End Of Jason's Reign Of Terror

Jason's dedicated servers may be dead, but Camp Crystal Lake has one more patch on the way.


Unable to add any new content to Friday the 13th: The Game, developer Black Tower Entertainment--original developer Illfonic has since moved on to Predator: Hunting Grounds--has prepared a final patch that will go live on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch versions of the game on May 4.

Players can expect sliding and teleporting exploits from combat stance to be fixed, hiding under the bed will no longer result in an error where players would be stuck in that position, and the loss of pocket knives in circumstances when firecrackers have been used has been fixed.

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The rest of the patch notes largely deal with housekeeping issues related to safe spots that players had used to avoid Jason, clothing option fixes, and the restoration of Tommy Jarvis' voice lines to remind you about the beef between him and Jason.

While dedicated servers are no longer in operation, Friday the 13th: The Game can still be played through the use of private servers and will move to peer-to-peer Matchmaking for all matches on the Switch as well. You can see the full patch notes below:

Friday the 13th: The Game Final Patch Notes

Combat Stance

  • The team set out to test and tune various aspects of how Combat Stance, and rapid input related to Combat Stance, affected gameplay across a variety of different connection strengths. While latency will always play a part in comparing the differences a connected player will see to what the host or other players may see, we are confident we've tested these changes across a wide range of connection qualities.
  • Further tuned and tested Combat Stance behavior and the unintended “Sliding” action counselor players could create.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in our last patch allowing Jason to move at running speed while in Combat Stance.


  • Giant Weapons: The team has fixed an issue allowing players to manipulate the size of weapons in-game.
  • Trap Bypass: Fixed an issue that allowed players to bypass traps by initiating an interaction.
  • Safe Spots: Fixed various areas of the map where counselors could avoid being killed by Jason.
  • Interaction Locks: Fixed various Interaction Locks that would occur when a counselor would interact with the environment and become stuck.

Switch Only:

  • The following fixes and changes have already been deployed on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. With this patch, we'll be bringing these changes in addition to those mentioned previously in these notes, to the Switch platform in order to align it with our other existing platforms.

Combat Stance

  • Commonly referred to as Sliding or Teleporting, the team has fixed an issue allowing players to manipulate combat stance changes.
  • Players may still see, when in spectator mode, counselors attempting to perform the exploit, however, this is a visual artifact.

Pocket Knife Issues

  • Instant break free by using health spray or firecrackers when grabbed, resulting in not only an instant break free but also retention of the player's pocket knife, has been fixed.
  • Loss of pocket knives in circumstances when firecrackers are used has also been fixed.

Jason - Gameplay

  • Ability Unlock/Recharge Rate toggle in private matches has been fixed to include both parameters.
  • Lobby icon irregularities resulting in an inaccurate lobby icon have been fixed.
  • Abduction, when Jason is able to Morph while holding a counselor, has been fixed.
  • Mask HP loopholes where the use of a flare gun or firecrackers could get the mask to come off too quickly have been fixed.
  • Jason Kill Sequence - Kneel: The issue where the kneeling animation during the Jason Kill process could be repeated has been fixed.

Counselor - Gameplay

  • Hiding Under Bed: An issue where players could hide under beds and become stuck in a way where Jason could not kill them has been fixed. While it is still possible in some instances to cause the bug, the counselor will be able to be killed by Jason in that state.
  • Lobby icon irregularities resulting in an inaccurate lobby icon have been fixed.
  • Numerous safe spots around the maps have been fixed, including the Pinehurst Roof method by way of Tommy's bed.
  • Players will now see an error if they roll and sell perks too quickly, but the game will stay functional and no longer lock-up. Players can then continue to roll and sell perks, being cautious of not overloading the roll system.
  • An issue causing the Counselor clothing options to not save properly when altering color/items has been resolved. Feel free to go back to playing Pink Cop Kenny.
  • Tommy Jarvis voice lines have been restored, and this is between him and Jason.


  • Various Interaction Locks have been fixed, particularly those that occurred when players would input either multiple button presses or rapid button presses in short succession, rapid pick up and put down of items, and multiple inputs appearing with on-screen prompts.
  • Fuse Box and Fuse spawn for the Cop call has been extended to ensure the fuse does not spawn inside the house with the fuse repair box.
  • With this patch, matchmaking will shift away from Dedicated Servers and onto Peer to Peer Matchmaking for all matches on the Switch as well.
  • The game will still be playable online publicly with the Quick Play option and privately with the Private Match option.

An Elm Street slasher, decapitation via a boat propeller, and being dragged to hell couldn't stop Jason Voorhees, but a messy legal battle has finally killed the video game version of the Camp Crystal Lake stalker. Due to the legal issues surrounding the ownership rights to the franchise brought forward by Victor Miller, writer of the original Friday the 13th's screenplay, Friday the 13th: The Game's dedicated servers were shut down in November.

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