Free Games Just for Playing Shanghai

Activision observes series' 12th anniversary with two-for-one deal.


On Wednesday, Activision announced a special two-for-one offer for the 12th anniversary of its popular Shanghai series by bringing people back to the golden age of games.

Shanghai: Dynasty covers five challenging games on one disc covering four Shanghai tile-matching games (Classic, Dynasty, Kids, and Pandemonium) and finally Mah-Jongg. In addition to the single-player games, Dynasty allows gamers to play multiplayer matches (Dynasty, Pandamonium, and Mah-Jongg) over the Internet or LAN connection. The Macintosh and Windows 95 title sells for US$39.

So what about the free stuff? From now until January 31, gamers buying Shanghai: Dynasty just need to send in their receipt, the UPC code, and US$3.00 for shipping, and they'll get a copy of Game Vault III. Game Vault III includes 57 classic games covering many titles from the Atari era of gaming: Pitfall!, Kaboom, River Raid, Little Computer People, Hacker, and Breakout.

All you need to do is send your receipt, $3, and UPC code to:

Shanghai: Dynasty Free Game Offer P.O. Box 52981, Dept. 13004 Phoenix, AZ 85072-2981.

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