Free Burger King pics on XBL

Cross-promotion continues with seven gamerpics featuring fast-food slinger's characters now available for free from Marketplace.


The effectiveness of advertising and marketing within games is yet to be decided, but one franchise that will likely find out sooner than others is Burger King. The fast-food chain has pushed itself onto Xbox 360 owners with a trio of BK-themed games, an unlockable character in Fight Night Round 3, and now, free gamerpics featuring icons from "The Home of the Whopper." Gamers in Canada and the US can log onto Xbox Live and download the Burger King Games Picture Pack, which contains seven gamerpics adorned with images of The King, Subservient Chicken, and Whopper Jr. Other nongame properties, such as Battlestar Galactica and Entourage, have branded content available on Xbox Live Marketplace, but Burger King is the first nonentertainment property to do so.

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