Forza 6 Adds Microtransactions and Option to Remove Them

You can now buy Tokens for the Xbox One racing game ranging in price from $1-100.


Microsoft's Xbox One racing game Forza Motorsport 6 has introduced microtransactions. Players can now use "Tokens" to buy cars and extra mod packs, among other things.

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In a blog post, developer Turn 10 stressed that Forza 6's microtransactions are entirely optional and are aimed at people who want to speed up their progress. In addition, the studio has a solution for people who don't even want to know the micropayments even exist.

"Players who do not wish to see the token feature in Forza Motorsport 6 menus will have the option to disable this feature from appearing by turning Tokens off in the HUD Options menu," it said.

Forza 6's microtransactions are available through these options:

  • 100 Tokens -- $1
  • 325 Tokens -- $3
  • 575 Tokens -- $5
  • 1250 Tokens -- $10
  • 2700 Tokens -- $20
  • 8000 Tokens -- $50
  • 20,000 Tokens -- $100

Forza 6 is not the first numbered Forza game to feature microtransactions, nor is it the only AAA game to have them. In fact, it is somewhat rare today for big-name games to not have them, as is the case with the new Need for Speed. Both Forza 4 (2011) and Forza 5 (2013) also had mictotransactions, a decision that creative director Dan Greenawalt has defended.

"We don't have paywalls," Greenawalt said about Forza 5's microtransactions. "We have acceleration, and that was based on feedback from players in Forza 4--there's a small group of players that can't be bothered to do things and they have disposable income. They're the sim guys in a lot of cases. They don't want to do the career, and they don't value those aspects, and that's alright by me."

In other recent Forza 6 news, Fallout 4-themed cars are now available in the game through a partnership with Microsoft and Bethesda. For more on Forza 6, check out GameSpot's review.

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