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Fortnite's Tomb Raider Crossover Continues With New Croft Manor Experience

Everyone who completes the special event will receive a Lara Croft spray.


Fortnite's Tomb Raider crossover event continues with the launch of Croft Manor in the Fortnite Creative mode. This new "experience," as Epic Games calls it, includes the Mystery at Croft Manor mission that players can complete to earn a special spray.

In the Mystery at Croft Manor mission, the Croft family butler, Winston, calls on Lara to come home to investigate "strange lights and effects" coming from the manor. In this new mission, made by the team at Alliance Studios, players are challenged to enter the spooky home and learn about its mysteries.

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The mission is playable until March 30, 2021. You can find it in the "Mystery in Croft Manor" playlist. Everyone who completes it will receive a code that they can redeem to unlock the special Tomb Raider spray you can see below.

If you're having trouble matchmaking while working on this mystery, you aren't alone. There is a bug affecting this feature that Epic Games is currently working to resolve.

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Tomb Raider originally came to Fortnite with the Chapter 2 Season 6 update that added multiple Lara Croft skins to the game to unlock and collect. For more on the latest season, check out everything in the Season 6 battle pass. You can also read up on the latest crossover event with Rocket League and Fortnite.

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