Fortnite's Galactus Event Adds More Confusion To The Battle Royale's Lore

What could this mean for Season 5?


No one predicted that Fortnite's Galactus event would have players flying battle buses in a mission that felt like it was straight out of Star Fox. The event, which played like a souped-up Disneyland ride, was a lot of fun, but it only added to the random jumble of themes that makes up the Fortnite universe.

The event saw the entire lobby, along with Iron Man, Galactus, and other heroes, get sucked into what's called the "Zero Point" after Galactus tried to absorb it. The Zero Point has been a part of Fortnite's storyline since Chapter 1's Season 4 and is said to be a singularity that doesn't abide by the laws of space and time. That's the reason why different realities from the Marvel and Fortnite universes collided this season.

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Galactus trying to absorb the Zero Point.
Galactus trying to absorb the Zero Point.

The event ended with Jonesy, one of the mainstays of Fortnite's narrative, lying face down in his office. He wakes up right before the screen cut to black. We saw Jonesy two seasons ago during The Device event in the same office, although he wasn't knocked out that time. Players believe that Jonesy works for a company that runs Fortnite as some sort of simulation and Season 5 may explore more of his background.

The relationship between Jonesy's storyline and the Zero Point are where things start to get messy. If it's all just a simulation run by a WestWorld-like faceless corporation, how does this massive singularity factor in? It's quite possible that the Zero Point will connect Jonesy's world and the wider world of Fortnite in some wacky way in Season 5. All bets are off at this point. Nothing feels connected--despite Epic Games' Donald Mustard saying that they are.

Jonesy passed out in his office.
Jonesy passed out in his office.

Epic Games has started to release a number of short audio clips on Twitter--including one that mentions a jungle. Players believe that the jungle is related to pictures of Jonesy in a jungle we saw briefly during The Device event. We could be getting a semi-new map with new locations, including the jungle, like this after the Zero Point sucked up the Season 4 map. The map has been absorbed like this before the introduction of Fortnite: Chapter 2, so we could be in a similar situation here.

The Galactus event ended with a countdown set in front of an outer-space backdrop. The entire battle bus segment felt like Luke's last-ditch effort to blow up the Death Star in A New Hope. The combination of that and a leaked Mandalorian skin and Baby Yoda Back Bling made it seem like a space-themed season is on its way. But these audio clues seem to point in a different direction.

Every season and season-ending event adds another layer of confusion to Fortnite's ever-evolving lore. It's clear that there was little long-term vision about what the battle royale's story would include, especially since the game didn't even start out as a battle royale. But that also leaves open a wide world of possibilities for the game. Barring new, more extensive leaks, it's truly anyone's guess as to what could be next--and that might very well be a positive for Fortnite.

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