Fortnite September Crew Pack Is The Start Of The First Shadows Storyline

Meet Midas' First Shadows in the September, October, and November Crew Packs.


The Fortnite September Crew Pack has been revealed, but it's merely the start of something new Epic is unveiling called the First Shadows storyline, which will encompass the Crew Packs for the next three months. Each month will debut a brand-new character in the Fortnite world while also leaning into the island's lore. Here's what you need to know about the Fortnite First Shadows Crew Packs.

Fortnite First Shadows

The First Shadows is the collective name given to Midas' first three recruits. Midas is the leader of the Shadow organization--aptly named given how mysterious the entity is. To date, there's not a lot of concrete information Fortnite lore fans have about this group, but beginning in September with the Burning Wolf Crew Pack, fans will start to unravel where Shadow, Midas, and his earliest underlings came from.

Epic is injecting more story content into the Crew subscription starting in September.
Epic is injecting more story content into the Crew subscription starting in September.

The Burning Wolf is called Midas' first "enforcer."The October Crew Pack character, Chaos Origins, is Midas' first "redeemed." In November, Midas' first "pardoned," Sierra, will round out the three-pronged Crew storyline. What these titles mean is part of what fans will understand better as the storyline plays out.

The item-by-item breakdown of each Crew Pack has not yet been revealed, not even for next week's September drop, but we'll update this story when those details are made available. Each Crew Pack goes live at 5 PM PT / 8 PM PT on the eve of a new month, so Crew subscribers can grab Burning Wolf starting next Tuesday evening, August 31.

Epic is also promising bonus styles for all three characters awarded exclusively to players who collect all three Crew Packs. December will then mark the first anniversary of the Fortnite Crew, which may bring with it a different reward, though this is us merely speculating for now.

Fortnite Crew is a monthly subscription package that gives Fortnite players exclusive cosmetics, a monthly stipend of V-Bucks, access to the ongoing battle pass, and more for $12 per month. The cosmetics featured in it will not be made available outside of subscription, making them true exclusives with less time to claim them than even a battle pass cosmetic.

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