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Fortnite Giant Beach Ball Locations Map -- 14 Days Of Summer Challenge Guide

Find the giant beach balls and bounce them into the air for a new loading screen.


Fresh challenges are one of the things that keep players coming back to Fortnite: Battle Royale, and right now there are even more than usual. Alongside the standard weekly challenges, the 14 Days of Summer event is underway, bringing new challenges each of the first 14 days of the event, which runs for a total of three weeks. Each challenge has a unique reward and lets you progress toward an overall reward. Among the tasks currently available to all players (with or without the Battle Pass) is to bounce a giant beach ball in different matches.

That sounds simple--and it is, provided someone doesn't kill you before you reach one of the balls. But that first requires you to know the location of the giant beach balls, which are new additions to the map. Given that everyone is looking to rack up some kills and the win, roaming the map in the hopes of finding a ball isn't the best strategy, so we've assembled a map and video guide with all of the giant beach ball locations. If you know where to go, this becomes an exceedingly easy challenge to complete.

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Where To Find Giant Beach Balls - All Locations

We've discovered three different giant beach ball locations on the map. You'll be able to see the ball from a far distance, so if you head to the general area you shouldn't have much trouble tracking one down. You can see the locations and a map below, or check out the video guide above for a walkthrough on how to complete the challenge.

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  • On the border of D3/E3, south of The Block
  • Western part of F6, southwest of Dusty Divot
  • On the border of H7/I7, northwest of Paradise Palms

How To Complete The Giant Beach Ball Challenge

As with beach parties dancing challenge, this is simple in theory--all you have to do is make contact with a giant beach ball. But also like the preceding challenge, you're given zero indication of where to find these giant beach balls or even how many there are. When you do happen upon one, there won't be any uncertainty--they are quite large, as advertised--and all you have to do to receive credit is run into the ball. That should trigger the pop-up notification letting you know you've progressed the challenge.

Particularly if you're attempting this right away, you're likely to run into a lot of other people doing the same thing. They could be hostile, or you might find other players camping the area in search of some easy kills. Fortunately, you can complete each step of this challenge without actually landing. As you're descending with your glider, you can move into the ball and register progress before your feet touch the ground. That should make it a little easier to complete the challenge before you're killed.

You'll need to bounce a total of five beach balls to finish the challenge. As the challenge text notes, you have to do this across different matches, so you'll need to play at least five rounds to get this done. However, you can keep returning to the same beach ball location over and over from match to match.

Giant Beach Ball Challenge Reward

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Finishing the giant beach ball challenge will earn you an Uncommon rarity loading screen called Soak It Up that shows various Fortnite characters lounging on the beach. This is also one step toward earning the Smoothie back bling, which you'll get for doing all 14 challenges from the 14 Days of Summer event, which kicked off with the release of Fortnite's 9.30 content update patch. You can get a look at the smoothie in the hands of the character on the right side of the loading screen above.

14 Days of Summer Challenges

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