Fortnite: Free Battle Pass Tier Available, Here's How With Week 2 Blockbuster Challenge

Another freebie awaits those who can complete all challenges from a given week.


Week 2 of Fortnite's Season 4 challenges have been released for Battle Pass owners. These offer a set of objectives to complete when you're not getting killed trying to become Thanos, and they each come with Battle Stars to level up and earn skins and rewards. But as with the first week, Season 4's new Blockbuster challenges offer a free Battle Pass tier--provided you've got a good eye.

Once again, completing all of the challenges from a given week completes one of the Blockbuster challenges. And as with the previous week, the reward is a loading screen that is hiding a secret. Whereas the first Blockbuster challenge loading screen had the faint outline of a free Battle Pass tier that you could obtain in-game, this one hides map coordinates for the freebie.

Over on Reddit, user Bfor45 (with the help of fellow user qwert5656) was able to quickly crank out the Week 2 challenges, thus earning the Blockbuster reward. If you look carefully at the brick wall in the background, there are several alphanumeric combinations that correspond with areas on the in-game map: A3, A4, B3, B4.

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If you follow where this guides you to (just south of Haunted Hills, as seen in the map above), you can find the Battle Pass icon and collect it to earn one free rank-up. However, be aware that this only appears if you've completed the corresponding Blockbuster challenge; you can't cheat your way there by skipping the prerequisites, as you can with individual challenges that send you to a specific location.

Week 2's challenges offer a mixture of fairly straightforward ones, like getting explosive kills and opening chests in Greasy Grove, and some that are more involved, like dancing in front of film cameras and searching between a scarecrow, pink hotrod, and a big screen. We have a guide to help you complete all of these, which will in turn let you get this Blockbuster freebie.

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