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Fortnite Fortnitemares Challenges: Become A Shadow, Ride A Witch Broom, And More

Need to learn how to complete the Fortnitemares 2020 challenges in Fortnite? We've got you covered with guides.


With Halloween nearly here, Epic Games has infused Fortnite with plenty of spooky flavor. Fortnitemares events task you with completing several season challenges. Some of these are simple challenges you should be able to complete very quickly, while others may require a little more direction and patience.

Completing these challenges will award you with additional experience points that you'll need for the Season 4 battle pass. This season has seen a lot of different challenges, and there is a fairly sizable time commitment to complete everything.

The Season 4 content is not available on iOS devices because of Epic Games' ongoing lawsuit with Apple. The trial isn't scheduled to begin until well into 2021, so you will be waiting a while if that's your only platform for Fortnite.

Below, we've rounded up Fortnitemares challenges you might need help with, as well as how to complete them. There are maps for when to need to reach a certain point--in some cases, it's multiple locations--and we'll let you know what goodies you can get for completing them.

Become A Shadow

Shadow form
Shadow form

One of the Fortnitemares challenges this year tasks you to become a shadow. In this case, that's essentially a ghost. In the Fortnitemares playlist, which has replaced standard battle royale for the moment, you will automatically become a shadow after you die. Do this three times to complete the challenge, and you can kill other players and recharge your health by collecting things like weapons and building materials.

You get 40,000 experience points for completing this challenge. For a challenge that essentially has you just playing badly, that isn't too shabby.

Eat Candy

Look for these bowls to find the candy
Look for these bowls to find the candy

Here's a challenge that seems a lot more fun than some of the other dangerous Fortnitemares challenges: eat candy. This is a fairly basic challenge, though it can be somewhat random. In order to complete it, you need to find small candy bowls located wherever there are houses. Break one of these open to reveal the candy and eat it. Do this 24 more times and you will complete the challenge. You'll also have a stomachache.

Rather than giving you experience, Fortnite will aware you with the Midas Shadow weapon wrap for completing this challenge.

Ride A Witch's Broom

Fortnite witch shack locations are circled in orange
Fortnite witch shack locations are circled in orange

This could be one of the challenges to give you a little trouble during Fortnitemares 2020: Ride a witch's broom. Located at a few shacks around the battle royale map, which we've marked above, they're actually inside barrels. Break the barrel, get on the broom, and fly 100 meters to complete it. Your main challenge will just be getting to these locations, as they might be crowded with players doing the same thing.

Like with the first challenge, you get 40,000 experience points for riding a witch's broom.

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